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Using the Challenge to enhance key Curriculum Links

Ashbridge Independent School used the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge to fit in with their curriculum topic 'The Amazon Rainforest' as part of their Geography lesson.  

Three teams of pupils at Ashbridge Independent School in Preston enthusiastically participated in the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge by taking on an environmental topic of how to reduce the threat to the rainforest.

Mr Arthur Wood saw the online Challenge as an ideal geography project for his class, who were studying the Amazon rainforest and sustainability. He divided his class into three teams, two teams of eight students and one of seven, with each working on a different Challenge.

“The Challenge is a very good and effective tool for learning. The way that it fits with the curriculum was spot on, it was an enhancement to what we were doing and not just an add on.”


Right away, the ‘Ashbridge 1’ team taking part in the Energy We Use Challenge hit the ground running.

They went for it from the start, and when the other teams realised they were starting to blog and make progress it motivated them to get going,” says Mr Wood. “As the weeks passed, the efforts of all the teams created a buzz and momentum throughout the school.


The teams worked on the Challenge in the classroom, during lunchtimes and after school. “All of the students were immediately very engaged, so a lot of the work was self directed and I only needed to give them a bit of guidance now and then – the fact they were leading it meant that the success and the learning is all theirs.”

Mr Wood says the work of the three teams has made a lasting effect on the school and on the students. “The Challenge has had an impact on the energy used in the school and the amount of Fairtrade products we use,” he says. The whole experience was very powerful for the students, and now they are more independent in their learning and more engaged.

The team’s blog sums up what the students got out of it: “We have been working really, really hard and our teacher is very proud of us – we feel great!”

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