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Stuff We Buy Challenge Cameley Primary School

The pupils at Cameley Primary School in Bristol took on the Stuff We Buy Challenge and increased the amount of rainforest friendly paper and other products in their school by 20%,

Mrs Deborah Ballid teaches a mixed class of year 3s and year 4s and saw the online Challenge as a way to learn more about the rainforest. The Challenge was also an ideal way to teach her whole class about the rainforest in their science lessons.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the Challenge, but I trusted the group of Year 4s to lead the work themselves and they did.

Deborah Ballid says the team have developed skills as well as learning about the rainforest and their power to change things and has helped them develop in many areas such as cooperation, teamwork, creativity, ICT, literacy, research and questioning.

Throughout the project, the Jungle Jaguars were keen bloggers. They proudly reported on their successful assembly on the Challenge website:

“We told the school, staff and parents about the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge. “A lot of people learnt things from our assembly because when we did a quiz at the end most people got the questions right.”

When they completed the Challenge, the Jungle Jaguars were intent on making sure there was a lasting impact. They planned to persuade the Head Teacher Mr Cook to ensure that all our A4 paper is FSC, Forestry Stewardship Council certification.

In an astute tactic to ensure success, the Year 4s used the Flip Ultra Camcorder they had won for the school to record the Head Teacher pledging his support – and posted it on the Challenge website.

The Jungle Jaguars have made a huge difference. “We found in our results that more people, including our parents now understand what FSC means to us and our planet. We have also found that our parents use FSC products more now. For example, one dad has recently put down a floor made entirely of FSC wood – that's great isn't it?”

For Mrs Ballid, the highlight of the Jungle Jaguars Team was a special assembly they held for the whole school. The pupils conducted research in their own time, created a PowerPoint presentation, invited their parents and shared

the parts out so everyone had an opportunity to speak. “They’re class 4s, so really quite young for that kind of responsibility, but they did it all themselves and they were brilliant!”

The Challenge was a good chance to put into practice the school’s policy of looking for ways the children can practice and develop their leadership skills. “I’m planning to do the Challenge again in the summer, this time with three mixed-aged groups, each taking a different one of the Challenges. My plan is that the Jungle Jaguars (now Year 5s) will be the leaders of those teams” said Deborah.

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