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The Challenge is now in its third year!

We’re super excited to be kicking off the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge for a third year. With loads of student teams already doing so much to help protect the world’s precious rainforests we hope you can continue this great work in 2013. 

The Challenge is now even easier to complete with less teacher time required and reduction in the number of actions needed to be taken. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs including £1,000 cash for the overall winning school and monthly digital HD video camera giveaways to our lucky Team of the Month winners.
We’re also delighted to have some great feedback from participating teachers, here’s what some of them have said:
“The fact that their individual efforts can make a global impact and they get recognition for this has been immense. The online element and the advantage of it being student led has also made this particularly appealing, along with the sense of structure and progress to a goal.”
“The challenge has provided pupils with a real purpose for learning. They enjoyed the interactive element of the website as well as the DVD and goodies. The children feel empowered to take part and are keen to learn and maintain interest. A great success and thoroughly enjoyable experience”
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