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Top tips to help protect the rainforest this Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner here are our top suggestions to help you make this festive season a rainforest friendly one. 

  1. Go Fairtrade and buy local: when buying ingredients for your Christmas meal look for rainforest friendly food products as well as those that are grown locally.
  2. Get back to nature: make a Christmas wreath and decorate your house with all things natural - you could use acorns, fir tree branches, pine cones, berries and more.
  3. Recharge: use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones in your toys and gadgets.
  4. Add you own touch: decorate used sheets of paper and card with old buttons, beads, paint and other crafty bits to create your own wrapping paper and Christmas cards.
  5. Bag it: remember to take your re-useable bags when you do all that Christmas shopping!
  6. Recycle it: once the festive season is over don’t forget to re-use and recycle the paper, cards, bottles and even your Christmas tree.

Email us pictures of your Eco Christmas decorations and we’ll post them on the website!

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